Tudor Queen: Mary I

queen mary i
Queen Mary I

Mary was born on the 8thFebruary 1516 at Greenwich Palace to parents Henry VIII and Catharine of Aragon.

When Edward VI died, she seized the crown, from the newly crowned Queen; Jane Grey, Edward’s chosen successor.  She ascended to the throne on the 19thJuly 1553, and was crowned at Westminster Abbey on the 1stOctober, as Henry’s successor, heir by law.

On the 12thFebruary 1554, Jane Grey and her husband Guildford Dudley were executed at the Tower of London, on the express orders of Queen Mary I.

On the 27thOctober 1553, she informed her council, she intended to marry Prince Philip of Spain, heir apparent to the Spanish throne.

On the 16thNovember, Parliament put forward that she should marry an Englishman, and the candidate they put forward was the Earl of Devon.

In January of 1554, a Protestant rebellion led by Sir Thomas Wyatt the younger, opposed the marriage.

On the 12thFebruary, Princess Elizabeth was summoned to London; she was suspected of having been involved with Wyatt and his rebellion.

On the 18thMarch, Queen Mary imprisoned Princess Elizabeth in the Tower of London, and then on the 19thMarch moved her to Woodstock Palace.

On the 25thJuly 1554, Prince Philip of Spain married Queen Mary I of England at Winchester Cathedral.

In the autumn of 1554, Mary overturned acts relating to the church, and in turn, returned England to Roman Catholicism.

Many Protestant Bishops were persecuted, and some three hundred were burned at the stake.

In 1555, Philip requested that Mary reconcile her differences with her sister; Princess Elizabeth, making her heir to the English throne.

On the 16thOctober Protestant churchmen; Ridley and Latimer were burned at the stake, outside Balliol College, Oxford on the charge of heresy.

In January of 1556, Queen Mary’s husband was crowned King Philip II of Spain.

On the 21stMarch, Thomas Cranmer the former Archbishop of Canterbury was burned at the stake in Oxford.

Queen Mary I of England died on the 17thNovember 1558 at St.James Palace and was buried on the 14thDecember at Westminster Abbey.

This Queen who ruled for only five years, had attempted to return England to its Catholic roots of the past … she who was true to her faith, her beliefs.

What will she be remembered for?  Her mass burning of Protestants, who refused to turn to Catholicism.

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