Stuart Queen: Anne

queen anne
Queen Anne

Anne Stuart was born on the 6thFebruary 1665 at St.James Palace, London, to parents James II and Anne Hyde, and in 1683 married Prince George of Denmark.

When King William III died on the 8thMarch 1702, Anne Stuart ascended to the English throne, and was crowned Queen Anne of England on the 23rdApril 1702 at Westminster Abbey.

In 1702, England declares war on France.

In 1704, English, Bavarian and Austrian troops commanded by the Duke of Marlborough, defeat the French at the “Battle of Blenheim,” putting a stop to a possible invasion of Austria.

The British empire capture Gibraltar from Spain.

In 1706, the Duke of Marlborough defeats the French at the “Battle of Ramilies,” and in turn expelled the French from the Netherlands.

In 1707, the “Act of Union” unites England and Scotland, with the seat of government for both countries, firmly set in London.

In 1708, James Edward Stuart, arrived in Scotland, making a failed attempt at seizing the throne.

In 1709, the Duke of Marlborough’s forces defeat the French at the “battle of Malplaquet.”

In 1713, the “Treaty of Utrecht,” is signed between Britain and France, bring an end to the war.

Queen Anne died on the 1stAugust 1714 at Kensington Palace, London and was buried at Westminster Abbey.

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