Stuart Queen: Mary II

king william iii and queen mary ii
King William III & Queen Mary II

Mary was born on the 30thApril 1662 at St.James Palace, London to parents James II and Anne Hyde.  William Henry Stuart (William III of Orange) married Mary II in 1677.

In 1689 Parliament declared to England, that King James II had abdicated his position as King of England. His daughter Mary and husband William of Orange were crowned; King William III and Queen Mary II of England, on the 11thApril 1689 at Westminster Abbey.

In 1689, a “Declaration of Rights,” had been drawn up by Parliament, thus limiting the monarch’s power, and control of legislation, and taxes came under Parliament.

Jacobite Hylanders rose up in support of James II, victorious at “Killiekrankie,” but were defeated in 1689 at “Dunkelds.”

James II, former King of England, attempted to regain his throne, when he was defeated at the “Battle of Boyne,” in 1690.

An Anglo-Dutch naval force, is defeated by the French navy at Beachy Head in 1690.

In 1691, William offer the Scottish Highlanders, a pardon for their part in the Jacobite uprising, in return they sign an allegiance to him.

In 1692, the Campbells kill the MacDonalds at Glencoe, for refusing to sign the oath of allegiance.

Queen Mary II dies of smallpox in 1694, and was buried at Westminster Abbey.

In 1697, “Peace of Ryswick,” becomes a turning point, and marks the end of the war with France.

In 1701 an “Act of Settlement” comes into force establishing Hanoverian and Protestant successions to the English throne.

William forms alliances between England, Holland and Austria, preventing a union of French and Spanish crowns in 1701.

King William III dies on the 8thMarch 1702 at Kensington Palace from pneumonia following a broken collar bone, after falling from his horse, and is buried in Westminster Abbey.

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