Lancastrian King: Henry V

king henry v
King Henry V of England

Henry was born on the 9thAugust 1387, at Monmouth Castle, to parents Henry IV and Mary de Bohun.

King Henry IV died on the 20th March 1413, and travelled by water from Westminster to Faversham, then by land to Canterbury, to be interred by the shrine of St.Thomas.

On the 9thApril 1413, Henry (Prince Hal) was crowned King Henry V of England at Westminster Abbey.

The first battle of his reign was in 1414, with Sir John Oldcastle and Sir John Acton, known heretics. Along with their band of followers, they made war against the Church, Priests, King and Kingdom.  The rebels were seized close to Westminster, and crucified, as for their leaders they underwent days of torture, until death was a blessing.  King Henry V had achieved victory against these heretics for Church, Priests and their faith.

On the 14thAugust 1415 Henry landed near Harfleur at the mouth of the Seine, where an encounter took place between English and French troops, where England was the victor.

On the 25thAugust 1415, one of the most famous battles took place, between the English and the French: the “Battle of Agincourt,” where the English became victorious over the French forces, thanks to the English longbow.

Three French Dukes, nine counts, ninety lords and some 5,000 knights are believed to have lost their lives, whilst English losses only accounted for one earl, seven knights and five-hundred troops.

Agincourt, the battle fought on French soil, wiped out at least half a generation of French nobility. Henry had demoralised the French, and had laid the path for subsequent triumphs in France…

Did you know?  Henry had little or no regard for the men who had fought at his side in battle.  The bodies of the English warriors, who died at Agincourt, were not given a Christian burial as you would expect, but heaped in a barn and burnt.

In 1420, King Henry V of England was officially recognised as heir to the French throne as agreed by the “Treaty of Troyes.”  This agreement was further agreed by the proposed marriage of Henry V to Catherine of Valois, daughter of King Charles VI.

The Treaty of Troyes placed Henry in control of France for the  remainder of Charles VI’s life and promised that the English line would succeed to the French throne.

On the 2ndJune 1420, King Henry V married Catherine of Valois at Troyes Cathedral, cementing the “Treaty of Troyes.”

On the 6thDecember 1421, Catherine bore Henry one child; Henry, known as Henry of Windsor… who would later become King Henry VI of England and France.

Shortly before Henry V died, he named his brother, John the Duke of Bedford as Regent of France in the name of Henry VI his son, who was only a few months old.

On the 31stAugust 1422, King Henry V died of dysentery at Bois de Vincennes.

John Sutton, 1stBaron Dudley escorted the body of Henry V back to England and bore the royal standard at his funeral.

King Henry V of England was buried in Westminster Abbey on the 7thNovember 1422.

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