Yorkist King: Edward V

king edward v
King Edward V

On the 4th November 1470 Edward V, was born at Westminster Abbey to parents King Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville.  On the 9th April 1483, Edward V ascended to the English throne, upon the death of his father; King Edward IV.

Edward left the confines of Ludlow Castle, his place of education, destined for London accompanied by Anthony Woodville his uncle and governor, along with his half-brother Sir Richard Grey.

On route; Richard, the Duke of Gloucester and Henry Stafford, the Duke of Buckingham, changed orders, sending Woodville and Grey to Richard’s base in the north, with noted objections by Woodville, Grey and Edward V, but they were powerless.  Anthony Woodville and Richard Grey were later executed.

Queen Elizabeth Woodville received news of events that at taken place at Stony Stratford.  She fled to Westminster Abbey taking her daughters and son; Richard, the Duke of York.

King Edward V, entered London under military escort.

King Edward V stayed at garden Tower, now known as the Bloody Tower, awaiting his coronation… this being a royal residence and prison.  The Queen sent Edward’s brother, Richard the Duke of York from the sanctuary of Westminster Abbey to the Tower of London.

On the 13th June, Richard the Duke of Gloucester had William, Lord Hastings arrested on the charge of treason.  He, who had been a close friend of Edward IV, was executed without trial on the very same day.  With Hasting’s out of the way, the legitimacy of Edward V as the new King was brought into question.

Buckingham put forward, that King Edward IV had been the son of an archer named Blackburn, and he had been the result of an affair with Cecily, the Duchess of York.  It was further argued that King Edward IV’s marriage to Elizabeth Woodville, was invalid which rendered both princes as illegitimate, and calling upon Richard to ascend as the true heir to the English throne.

From that day forth, Edward V and his brother Richard of York, appeared less frequently; until the princes were no more.

It is believed that King Edward V was murdered during the month of September in 1483 at the Tower of London, upon the order’s of King Richard III who had seized the throne, through deceit.

In 1674 workmen found an elm chest, whilst demolishing a staircase within the Tower of London, leading to the chapel within the White Tower, made the discovery of the bones of two children’s skeletons.  They were originally tossed out with other rubble.  Believing these skeletons to be those of the young princes, they were given a royal burial.

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