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The Vesuvius Eruption

Mount Vesuvius Eruption
Mount Vesuvius Eruption

Intro: On the 24th August in the year AD79, the Roman city of Pompeii in Italy became the victim to one of the world’s natural disaster.  The Volcano Vesuvius erupted, showering ash upon Herculaneum.  Pompeii was buried under five feet of ash, and some 20,000 people lost their lives that day.  Pompeii would be remembered…

The eruption of Vesuvius commenced on the morning of the 24th August AD79, catching its population utterly unprepared.  The tell tale signs were there to warn them; a column of smoke, triggering a response, one of curiosity.

A disaster of epic proportions, the obliteration of lives and property, sending shockwaves across the ancient world.  Penned eyewitness reports and poets, lamented the tragedy and its victims.  Pliny the Younger’s harrowing account described the eruption, one of confusion and terror.

By midnight on the 24th August, Pompeii was covered in a layer of ash, some five feet in depth.  The eruption had sent large amounts of ash into the sky.  The region suffered from earthquakes and storms lighting up the sky.

The fallout from the Vesuvius eruption covered an area of some 25 miles.  According to the writings of Pliny; as darkness fell upon the land, panic and chaos spread.

Volcanic cloud thinned out, as daylight burst forth, revealing a changed world, one buried in ash.