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Vindolanda Writing Tablets

Stephen Liddell

When I was recently walking Hadrians Wall, there were countless Roman sites to visit either on or just off the wall.  Having visited many all ready, the one I most wanted to visit was Vindolanda.   You can see my blog post on Vindolanda here.   Out of everything in Vindolanda, the objects I most wanted to see were the special treasures inside the museum there.

The most amazing treasures are not gold coins, precious stones or even well-preserved weapons but instead is an unequalled collection of writing tablets.  These tablets record daily life such as letters from soldiers asking for socks and underwear, a birthday party invitation to the forts commander’s wife, requests for payment, lists of goods supplied and troop deployments. The Vindolanda writing tablets were voted Britain’s ‘Top Treasure’.

They are a truly unique and remarkable record of everyday life in the Roman Empire enabling visitors…

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