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Stuart Queen: Anne of Denmark

anne of denmark
Anne of Denmark

Anne of Denmark was born on the 12thDecember 1574 at Skanderborg Castle, Denmark, to parents King Frederick II and Sophie of Mecklenburg-Gustrow.

On the 20thAugust 1589 Anne of Denmark and King James VI of Scotland were married by proxy at Kronburg Castle.

On the 1stSeptember 1589, the Danish fleet carried Anne to Scotland, but got stranded on route in Norway, and violent storms forced the fleet to abandon its winter crossing.

On the 12thSeptember, James heard the news, that the Danish fleet had to dock at Oslo for safety.  He sent his fleet, arriving at Oslo on the 19thNovember.  On the 23rdNovember 1589, Anne of Denmark and King James VI of Scotland were married at Old Bishop’s Palace in Oslo, and the service was performed in French.

They arrived back in Leith, Scotland on the 1stMay 1590, and on the 17thMay she was crowned Queen of Scotland, in the Abbey Church at Holyrood.

Anne bore James seven children, of which only three would survive infancy:

Henry Frederick, the Prince of Wales (1594)

Elizabeth Stuart (1596), who would become Queen of Bohemia and whose grandson would become King George I of England.

Charles Stuart (1600) who would become King Charles I of England, and be executed by order of Parliament.

In the mid 1590’s Anne converted to Catholicism, putting a strain on their marriage, and their royal position, in a Presbyterian Scotland.

On the 25thJuly 1603 James and Anne were crowned King and Queen of England at Windsor Castle. Anne as a practising Catholic, refused to par take of Anglican Communion.

In November of 1612, Henry Frederick, the Prince of Wales died of typhoid.

In February of 1613, Elizabeth Stuart married Frederick, Elector Palatine, becoming Queen of Bohemia.

Anne of Denmark, Queen of England and Scotland, died on the 4thMarch 1619 at Hampton Court Palace, and was buried in the Henry VII chapel in Westminster Abbey on the 13thMay.

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